Puente Grande Penitentiary

The first escape of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera was recorded on January 19, 2001, almost 9 years after being captured in Guatemala, and highlighted the vulnerability and corruptible of the prison system.

He served three sentences that totaled 20 years for crimes of criminal association and bribery, was imprisoned in the prison of Almoloya Juarez, and before an attempt to escape, he was transferred to the federal prison of Puente Grande.

To escape, “El Chapo” Guzman hid in a laundry cart, among dirty sheets, and was covered with a mattress, on top of it were placed more clothes and appliances; Was pushed by the maintenance employee of the detention center, Francisco Javier Camberos Rivera ‘El Chito’, who crossed over areas in which the electric opening system and CCTV cameras did not work.

It was eight o’clock at night when the blue laundry cart passed the first review, by the custodian Francisco Javier Vásquez Cortés, in charge of the V7 diamond service, who knew that the employee would remove a microwave oven and other electronic devices, Which, he declared, was not surprised that he made any effort to push the container.

‘El Chito’ arrived at the customs of vehicles, where the guard Miguel Leal Amador checked the surface content of the laundry cart and did not ask questions; Then the employee proceeded to the parking lot of officials, where he left the container, and along with “El Chapo” boarded his car, a model ford delayed, and left the prison.

The Foreign Security Officer, José Manuel Santiago, was ordered not to review El Chito in any way and not to be entered in the entry and exit control format.

Outside the penitentiary, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzman suggested that the employee not return to work. ‘El Chito’ drove to the center of Guadalajara, there “El Chapo” asked him to buy a bottle of water in an Oxxo.

He parked his car and entered the establishment, but when he returned to the car, “El Chapo” was no longer there.


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