Café Tacuba

The legendary place where rock band Café Tacvba got its name is a restaurant with more than a century of tradition. What began in 1908 as a small place selling atole became a coffee shop a few years later.  Many artists have frequented this place, from Diego Rivera to Agustín Lara enjoyed the coffee and food.

In the restaurant decoration dominates the sacred art on the walls and the colonial style of the building. One of the largest paintings on the walls is that of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. On this site there are several anecdotes, but one of the most outstanding is that here the film was filmed Los hijos de Sánchez, starring Anthony Queen, who played Santos Hernandez.

In its beginnings the well known Mexican band Cafe Tacvba was called Alicia Ya No Vive Aquí (in tribute to the director Martin Scorsese and its film of the same name). Later, they took their name from a well known café in the Mexico City, Downtown. Anticipating legal disputes with the restaurant, the group chose to replace the u by the v.

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