San Lorenzo’s Foco Tonal

There are some places around Mexico that have been identified as Foco Tonal, the most recent being located in Delicias, Chihuahua,  which is in the Community of San Lorenzo In the municipality of Buenaventura. Specifically,  in what used to be the Central Park East, now known as the Family Development Center (Cedefam) or “Police Park.”

Located at the bottom of the facility, surrounded by baseball and football fields, is the Foco Tonal,  where you experience the reverberation phenomenon.  It is a simple acoustic phenomenon produced by the circle around the point where people stand.  This is because in this place there is also a circle around the center where the sound waves bounce and return amplified to our ears.


It is a circumference that is visible at the end of a few stairs, surrounded by a small contour of only a few centimeters high, and in the center is a smaller circle is the echo point.

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