The Culiacán Hill

The Culiacán hill, formerly called Teoculhuacan Chicomoxtoc Aztlán is a great mountain that has an altitude of 2830 msnm, where archaeological remains are found that suggest the origin of several cultures. Its lands are mostly shared by the municipalities of Cortazar, Jaral del Progreso and Salvatierra of the state of Guanajuato, Mexico. From the top, radio, television, aerial navigation and mobile telephone signals are transmitted.

A legend says that this hill is the mythical Aztlán where the origin of our mexicanidad (the sacred place of the Mexica) begins and although it has been assured that other places are really Aztlán, for example Mexcaltitan Island    . The truth is that only this site has fulfilled many of the characteristics of those mentioned in the original documents.

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It is also mentioned that in addition this hill has 7 entrances where they inhabited the same number of tribes “Acolchichimeca”, “Tzauteca”, “Aztecas”, “Malpatiaca”, “Texcalteca”, “Acucuhtinchatun” and “Los Chichimecas”. One more legend says that this hill is a volcano off the last to add to the 7 luminaries of Valle de Santiago; waiting for the end of the world to erupt.


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