Dunes of Solitude

Located ten kilometers from the city of Guerrero Negro is one of the natural wonders within Mexico. It is a place where the landscape always changes, according to the whims of the wind. We refer to the Dunas de la Soledad, a site so close to the sea that creates an incredibly contrasting scenario.

The Dunas de la Soledad are part of the El Vizcaíno Biosphere Reserve, a protected natural area. Therefore, it is normal to cross these dunes to reach the gray whale sanctuary in this place. It is also possible to find and admire other kinds of local fauna, such as crabs, fish and colorful birds.

Despite being a desert, the Dunas de la Soledad provide enough conditions to promote local life. The layer of sand that is fixed, allows microorganisms to be established that offer food to the more resistant plants. These offer shelter and support to weaker plants and provide burrows for kangaroo rats, whose burrows and nesting sites for vipers and other rodents, lizards and insects, including beetles that help keep this Baja California Sur ecosystem clean.



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