La Villa’s Wax Museum

Just a side of the Basilica of Guadalupe is a museum almost unknown in Mexico City, which despite not having something that identifies it, it is striking because in the entrance there is a woman who is in the heat of the cups and witth music to cut the veins, stifles their sorrows in a bar.

Entering you can see that this is not a traditional wax museum, since there are not reproductions of the artists of the moment, not even 10 years ago. The first image behind the crystals is that of a woman who observes with great melancholy in the company of her children.

On one side of the image is a sign that says: “I feel sorry for the abandoned ones, who loved believing themselves to be loved and go through life crying affection, remembering a man and dragging a child.”

Although they are the least, the museum also houses mythical figures of our culture as “Cantinflas”, Jorge Negrete, Pedro Infante and the figure of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Also, you can find San Martin de Porres in the act of flogging or a man in the drunkenness, so we would understand if you do not want to take a souvenir selfie.



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