Divisadero Train Station

El Divisadero is the most famous tourist spot in the Sierra Tarahumara. Located at km 622 of the CHEPE route.

It is the official stop of the railway – the station has the same name – to admire the breathtaking views of the Copper Canyon, Urique and Tararecua.

At 2200 m high, Divisadero has several viewpoints, including the famous viewpoint of “Piedra Volada” and the world-class park “Parque de Aventura Barrancas del Cobre”, from where you can appreciate the most extraordinary panoramic views of the mountains.

Walk and admire one of the best views of the canyon on board the cable car (a cabin for 60 passengers with capacity to carry 500 people per hour, as one goes, the other cabin comes back) through a route of almost 3 kilometers which takes about 10 minutes (although in total there are 40 for about 20 minutes of free time to take photos plus the 20 minutes of the round trip).

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