House on Aramberri St.

In the Silvestri Aramberri street at number 1206, you can see an abandoned and ruined building, the same dwelling that housed a wealthy family from Monterrey. Due to the money that the family had, the murders linked to this house were surrounded by dark intentions of  greedy individuals , since it is said that this family kept in a chest precious metal coins.

The fact was raised in the year 1933, being outside the father of the family, thieves saw the opportunity to enter and steal the belongings of the family. The thieves entered the house killing the mother, Florinda Montemayor, then her daughter, Antonia Lozano, but they did not do it in a cruel and bad way.

A curious detail of this case is that a parrot, the family pet, once the police arrived at the place did not stop repeating a phrase that would be key to the case: “Do not kill me Gabriel”, the police investigated about it and It turned out that Gabriel was the nephew of Mr. Florinda, the time went by and the parrot little by little  was forgetting the crime, but the strange things began to happen inside the house on Aramberri street.

Screams and groans of pain could be heard at night and there was no other explanation than the murdered women could not rest in peace. Currently the windows of the house are sealed and has a metal fence around it, because after the incident and for several years, the place hosted satanic rites and animal sacrifices.

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