Niño Fidencio Shrine

Thousands of people come year after year to Espinazo, Nuevo León. They make harsh penances to please the Fidencio Child and thank them for the favors they have received.

According to the legend, Fidencio was a very reserved boy with very peculiar physical characteristics that differentiated him from the rest. In addition, he is assured that he never married or developed sexually, remaining hairless and with a soprano voice throughout his life.

It is said that Fidencio was famous for performing operations without anesthesia, without causing pain to his patients, and for carrying out his therapies and interventions in specific places of the town: like a lupine tree from which he threw objects to the congregation around him Being healed who received the blow, and a muddy puddle located on the outskirts of Espinazo, where he submerged his followers.

It is also said that healed with herbs, operated with broken glass and possessed the mental power to guess the thoughts of others, recognizing them even though they blindfolded him.

His fame came to such an extent that in all his life about 40 thousand people came to see him, among which is told to the president of Mexico Plutarlo Elías Calles, who would have visited him to be cured.

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