The Black House

The Black House of Colonia Roma must be one of the saddest places in Mexico City. This house served as a shelter for people with typhoid in 1935. This was a disease that as it usually happens, is demonized, was taken as a punishment of an evil entity.

For that reason, one night, the neighbors of the place set fire to the house, but by its structure, hardly it was damaged. Those who suffered were the people in there. They did not let them escape, and those who did not die because of the flames, made it asphyxia, slower, while they saw how even doctors and nurses burned.

The stigma of this horrendous scene accompanied the property for many decades,  the house was respected as a symbolic mausoleum of those fallen in disgrace and not to provoke the disgust and curses of their souls in pain.

Time has consumed it. The façade is badly damaged. Homeless people wanted to occupy it as a refuge from the inclement weather, but there is no one who can endure a night inside. There are forces that reject the guests.

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