Holy Child of the Little Peanut

The chapel of Santo Niño del Cacahuatito (Holy Child of The Little Peanut) in Mezquitic de la Magdalena, Jalisco, a quiet town with population of about 3000 inhabitants located 4 kilometers from one of the ultimate pilgrimage cities in Mexico: San Juan de los Lagos.

Legend says that in the process of digging a well, they found a sculpture of Baby Jesus, five centimeters high; it is worth mentioning that the image of the Child God was carved in wood and mud, with one arm on the chest and the other on the belly, both glued to the body.

In 1884 the Archbishop Pedro Loza and Pardavé gave some dispositions and a hermitage in his honor was built. In those times the people already began to say that the water of the well where was found the image of the Holy Child was miraculous, and that is why the archbishop provided three things:

1.- Not to be called “miraculous” to the water of the well.

2.- That the original image was not put on display, since it was considered inappropriate by its size, and better replaced by a similar but larger image.

3. That the chapel should not be dedicated to the Holy Child, but to the Virgin of Guadalupe.

The problem was that in those days Father Luis Lozano died, so none of the 3 provisions were applied. Now, the name of Niño del Cacahuatito, comes from Mr. Francisco Padilla de Luna, who in 1994 began to spread images of the child labeled Niño del Cacahuatito, alluding to its size and taking advantage of that in Mezquitic peanuts were grown. This is why urban legends began to circulate that the image of Santo Niño had been found inside a peanut.

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