Juan Gabriel’s Hologram

Some refuse to let just die the Divo de Juarez, that is why his biggest fans have organized a march to revive, clone and hologram to Juan Gabriel.


Alberto Aguilera Valadez (Spanish pronunciation: [alˈberto aɣiˈleɾa βalaˈðes]; January 7, 1950 – August 28, 2016),[1] better known by his stage name Juan Gabriel (pronounced: [ˈxwaŋ ɡaˈβɾjel]), was a Mexican singer and songwriter.

Colloquially nicknamed as Juanga (pronounced: [ˈxwaŋɡa]) and El Divo de Juárez, Gabriel was known for his flamboyant style, which broke barriers within the Latin music market.

Although it is clear that this event is a fallacy, what is a fact is almost six months after his death, Juan Gabriel reappeared a few days ago as a hologram at the tribute concert organized by his family and which included artists such as Juanes, Andrea Bocelli, Natalia Lafourcade and David Bisbal. Mexicans will miss this great singer who died at age 66, last August 28.

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