Monument to the Campeche’s Mutant Mothers

A quiet and picturesque village very close to Tabasco, called Palizada, a place with an access road which is long and complicated, but when arriving at the place it is completely understood the Pueblo Magico denomination which Palizada sports.

Palizada is a village where you can enjoy nature and typical food, like the “tortoise cooked in its blood”. Also, in Palizada’s Parque de la Madre you can see a statue with an interesting particularity. The monument that is appreciated as a tribute to all the mothers of Campeche and Mexico stands out by showing six fingers in one of its hands.

It is believed that the author was inspired directly from his mother, who actually had six fingers in one of her hands. The people of Campeche joking about it, have baptized the statue as: Monument to the Campeche’s Mutant Mothers.

Another possible fact is that the sculptor, in a moment of distraction, has carved an extra finger, although the hand is very well carved and we completely discard this possibility.

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