Gomez Palacio’s Eiffel Tower

If you dream of going to France and taking a photo in the Eiffel Tower, why go so far when you can go to Durango? Yes, even if you do not believe it and it seems strange, in the municipality of Gómez Palacio there is a reproduction of this:


The last piece of the scale replica of the Eiffel Tower in Paris was placed at Durango, concluding the first stage of the cultural project contemplated in the corner of the Gonzalez de la Vega and Miguel Alemán Avenues.

This work, 58 meters high, was donated by the French Consulate in La Laguna, represented by Christian Colliere de la Marliere to the Municipality of Gómez Palacio for the celebrations of its Centennial on December 21, 2005.

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