Tlacote Spring

The fame of Tlacote Well and the diffusion of the supposed curative qualities of its spring waters began from 1991, when the owner of a ranch of the population called Tlacote, Jesus Chahin declared that the water of a Well that flowed within his property had such faculties. Tlacote is located about five kilometers northwest of the city of Santiago de Querétaro.

According to his own statements made to electronic and print media, he discovered “when his dog drank from the water and healed of his wounds, later they made workers of his ranch with the same results”.

Declarations were made public about water but in the hands of Jesús Chahin and Fundación Tlacote the water was never for sale. It was said that this water cured any kind of disease, no matter the origin of it. The fame came to all Mexico and the United States and then to other countries, and at its peak is reported that ran miles of people who wanted to get it, Dozens of buses from all over Mexico and the southern United States made special trips for the purchase and consumption of this concoction.

Among those attending said place were patients with diseases of various levels of severity, even coming to present patients with chronic or terminal diseases, who attended in the hope of receiving the benefits of the liquid considered “miraculous.” Several people claimed to have been cured of their ills, although it has been suggested that the perception of them is an example of the placebo effect; however, over time the fame of the place faded to virtually disappear.

Evidence of the curative properties claimed to have water from that spring was never offered, nor was the effectiveness of any of the cures attributed to that cause substantiated. In contrast, analysis of a sample of this liquid showed that it was ordinary mineral water.


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