El Chiflón Waterfalls

Located 30 minutes from Comitán, El Chiflón emerges in the middle of the valley of plantations of sugar cane, forest and mountains. The area has a vast vegetation that forms an arboreal curtain, in addition to that there is a hill where it is presumed there are archaeological vestiges still not explored.

The distinctive attraction in this area is the large water curtain formed by the San Vicente River, called the “Veil Bride” waterfall, which can be seen along the road to reach the highest part of the waterfall.

The San Vicente river precipitates in a staggered form giving life to these beautiful waterfalls that measure up to 120 meters in height. At the foot of each of them a natural pool is formed due to the erosion of the limestone floor, which gives the water a turquoise blue coloration.

There is a path that leads to the huts and stone stairs where you can see the different waterfalls from the viewpoints, the last of them is in front of the waterfall Veil of Bride.

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