Ocotlán’s Foco Tonal

Visiting Ocotlán’s Foco Tonal is a very interesting and unusual experience. Whether you trust or not, or whether you believe that you can get healed or get what you ask for, it is incredible to be able to hear this reverberation. The owner had already built a castle in his property. This castle, although not very big, includes turrets and dragon gargoyles. After the discovery of the so-called energetic spot, he built seven columns of different colors; pink, yellow, green, gold, purple, blue and white, around a circle which contains in its center, the energy point.

The most interesting thing is that only the person who is standing in this specific point can actually hear the reverberation effect. Also, if you stand there for some time, you can feel your body start moving in circles like a pendulum.

When you go, you should take off your shoes. The guide directs each person to stand one by one in the center of the point and say their names. After the people pronounce their names, and they hear the reverberation, they are invited to say: “God, here I am.” Then, each person silently makes a request and then everyone prays together.

The reality is that it is a simple acoustic phenomenon known as reverberation, produced by the “pool” or circle around the point where people stand. The difference between the echo and the reverberation is that the echo takes longer to be heard than reverberation. This is because in this place there is also a circle around the center where the sound waves bounce and return amplified to our ears.

It is very easy to get to Foco Tonal: from Chapala, drive through the highway as if you were going to Guadalajara. Take the Ocotlan turn and drive about 40 minutes until Cuitzeo.

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