Ghost Nurse at Juárez Hospital

It is said that in this hospital in México City, a woman appears, a woman who is no longer among us, whom they call “La Planchada”. This woman constantly visits the hospital with the task of helping those who are sick. According to the accounts of many inmates and hospital workers, at night they could hear strange noises.

But what is more “common” is the attention that Eulalia (La Planchada) gives to the patients of this hospital. It is said that this woman appears when some patient of the hospital has not taken their medications, whether due to negligence of a nurse or for any other reason. On several occasions the patients argue that they have taken their medicines, when no nurse in turn has supplied the medicines.

There are times when nurses, especially during the night shift, fall asleep and have been precipitously awakened by a blow with the palm of their hands on the head, when the nurses wake up, they see no one around, rather than the old, long corridors of the Hospital Juárez.

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