El Pozolero Ranch

Ejido Ojo de Agua, a dusty valley on the outskirts of the city of Tijuana. At the top of a hill is the ranch of Santiago Meza López, El Pozolero of the Arellano Felix cartel. A man who dissolved the bodies of 300 people into containers full of caustic soda.

The ranch, is a small and scattered  group of rustic rooms surrounded by a wall 2m height.  Inside there are holes dug in the ground, industrial drums with liquid waste and a wooden table with several working tools: meat gloves, knives, containers, mason’s spoons. About 200 cans of beer, crushed, are scattered across the yard. Pozolero liked to cool his throat while he was doing his work.

At the top of the ranch is a room without doors used as Pozolero’s bedroom, Meza López slept on the floor, wrapped only with a blanket. The 600 dollars that each week earned working for the drug trafficker Teodoro García Simental, never allowed him the luxury of placing a bed in his place of work.

When the Mexican army finally arrived, Meza Lopez was so intoxicated that he did not realize what was happening when the military laid him with his hands on the back of his neck on the sand. He didn’t know what happen to him.

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