Matusalem Pine Tree

The oldest tree in the world is 5,065 years old. It is located in the White Mountains of California and is a secret.

The scientific name is pinus longaeva. It grows in the most difficult conditions: little soil, little humidity and very short summers. These almost fantastic beings were discovered in the 1930s by Edmund Schulman, a paleontologist who dedicated himself to dating droughts and cosmic events through the rings of trees.

The pines measure less than 18.3 meters, feed on dolomite, a calcareous substance on the rocks, and grow very slow, something like 25 millimeters per year. Each of its needles can live up to 30 years.

They grow with all the tranquility of the world because in those desolate summits there is no plant that competes with them. Between them there is a great distance, so that if a lightning strike falls on one of them, the tree will burn only and the fire will not affect the other pines. It is an almost biblical image: a burning pine, alone, in the middle of the desert.

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