León’s Antigua Plaza de Gallos

It was built at the beginning of the 19th century. On September 7, 1797, Mr. Cristóbal Sabre rented for the first time the place to make cockfights. In 1802 Félix Gutierrez de la Concha becomes the owner of the Plaza de Gallos and rebuilds it. At the beginning of the War of Independence, in 1810 Brigadier Félix María Calleja, commander in chief of the Army of Operations against the insurgents, appointed him subdelegate of the Villa de León.

In January of 1826 the authorities decided to close the house because the arches were about to collapse. Work was done for its rehabilitation and in April 1831 the City of León authorized 40 bullfights.

Among the outstanding facts of this area, Francisco I. Madero in his anti-reelectionist campaign in 1910, held a rally in which he harshly criticized the Porfirio Diaz government.

For more than 50 years, wrestling was carried out in which there were confrontations in which El Santo, Blue Demon, Cavernario Galindo, Black Shadow and Tonina Jackson participated. Also it was soothes of bullfights and in the year of 1876 was scene of the singer Angela Peralta.

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