Giant Jellyfish at Howden Beach

A family gathering sea snails on Howden Beach in the south of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, discovered something unexpected on the shore.

A white, sticky coating stretched over the stones like a large irregular patch. To his surprise, it was a gigantic jellyfish 1.5 meters long stranded belly up which, according to scientists who are analyzing it and could be a new species for science.

According to ABC News, scientists at CSIRO, the Australian public agency for the development of science, have said the species had been seen before, but had not yet been technically classified by researchers.

“It’s one of those things that really make us face the fact that there are things we do not know about in nature, particularly in the oceans,” says Lisa-Ann Gershwin, CSIRO scientist.

“It’s a really magnificent animal,” Gershwin told to BBC. The jellyfish, whose appearance resembles that of “a dish with a rag hanging below”, belongs to the group of lion’s mane, the largest jellyfish that exist. Cyanea Arctica, for example, can grow up to 3 meters. Scientists do not consider the new specimen dangerous, but their rubbing can cause a reaction on the skin.

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