Sea Monster at Seram Island

From the darkest depths of the sea, and to the coast of the Indonesian province of Maluku, was dragged a mysterious creature that has unleashed controversy.

The first reports of the Indonesian soldiers who were in the zone called it a giant squid. A video, shared by the official of the Indonesian army shows a man describing the size of the creature.

“A giant squid was dragged to the coast of Seram Island, in the village of Hulung,” says the narrator. “By how it looks, it is difficult to calculate how many people would fit in the creature, if it eats people. This is a strange animal.It is about 10 meters long … Fifteen, fifteen meters.”

This is not the first time strange things happen in Indonesia. In 2015, a similar corpse came to Pulau Hatta and everyone thought it was a giant octopus.

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