Los Alacranes’ Island

Signed as one of the main ceremonial centers of the Wixárica culture, Los Alacranes’ Island is undoubtedly one of the important areas in the well-known and emblematic Lake Chapala. The ceremonial center not only reveals the life and roots of the Huichols, but of all Jalisco.

The island located in the center of the largest lake in the country, is listed as one of the nation’s most important Wixárica (Huichol) ceremonial centers, and even more so by the North American indigenous peoples’ association, where reference is made that has served as venue for different encounters at the continental level. It is said according to the beliefs wixárica, that in that place the life appeared for the first time.

The island is located about 15 minutes from the lake shore, traveling by boat. According to the Huichola community, the Island of the Alacranes represents three mythological moments that have to do with the birth of humanity.


The first is about the creation of the sun and the deer that “becomes peyote”.
The second is on the island, speaks of a great rain or flood, the creation of corn and the origin of the human being. The third cycle refers to Christ, money, and elements of mestizo influence.

It is said that for this reason the Isla de los Alacranes is one of the most important points for the community, and for every year they deposit all kinds of offerings.

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