Universal Church of the Kingdom of God aka Pare de Sufrir

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (IURD) is a religious organization that emerged from the church founded on July 9, 1977 by Edir Macedo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This organization has changed its name in diverse Hispanic American countries, being called Strong Prayer to the Holy Spirit, Christian Community of the Holy Spirit, Universal Grace, United Family and Center of Spiritual Assistance.

The IURD is also known by the name of its television program, Pare de Sufrir (Stop Suffering). It is known in Mexico for its infomercials in format of television programs, where they announce to heal any illness or economic and social difficulties, of course, if you are willing to pay the fees they require.

The places where they worship are also known to have been previously abandoned pornographic or dilapidated cinemas turned into places of praise for the cult. Every major Mexican city has a Pare de Sufrir Church who used to be a movie theater.

The norms and statutes of the group claim to be grounded in the Bible, and several of its doctrines are similar to those of Neo-Pentecostalism. Its central doctrines include the Kingdom’s Gospel, the exorcisms of demons, healing, the blessing of economic life, and especially the restoration of families.

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