Los Espinos Crater

Also known as the Pool of Los Espinos (by the community of the same name located at its slopes) is a natural lake formed in the crater of an extinct volcano.

Its waters are of blue color but according to the season of the year in which they are visited they can be observed green. It is possible to swim in the lake which can be accessed through three paved accesses with steps and ramps.

The lake does not receive more water than the one that comes to it from the inner slopes of the crater in the rainy season. Since this does not suffer considerable variations of level according to the time of the year an underground and hidden origin of the waters of the same one is inferred.

Cerro de los Espinos and the lake that encloses in its bosom, was a place consecrated to the water deity “Tiripeme”. It was there that the women climbed, and then descended to their center, to dedicate themselves to wash and to bathe, since Zacapu natives were fond of the corporal cleanliness by means of the bath, habit not rooted in the Spanish conquerors.

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