Comala’s Magical Zone

In the km 6 of the state highway 16 is the so-called Magical Zone, where a very strange phenomenon occurs.

If the cars are put in neutral and the foot of the brake is removed, they are attracted by a “strange force” that makes them go “up” of the slope although in some perspective, the slope is seen that goes down. Cars are drawn by this energy, and seem to go back alone, going in unexplained reverse “up”, at a good speed, completely defying the laws of gravity.

This is optical phenomenon known as “gravity hills”,  has served the area to get juice to the name, for example, there is a business called the Magician, which is said to have the gift of extending the life of old vehicles.

There is also the Temascal, where you are invited to fill with spiritual energy, or the Zona Mágica Restaurant, where you can taste dishes from the Colima gastronomy, which only opens on weekends, which is when more curious people will experience the phenomenon themselves.

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