There, at the southern end of Mexico city, in the center of what was Lake Texcoco, is Cuicuilco, an archaeological site that still stirs up unease among scholars.

Underneath a hill, which for hundreds of years went unnoticed, a strange circular pyramid was discovered in 1917. However, it was not until 1922 that work began to unearth what became the oldest pyramid in the world. Covered for centuries by a thick layer of lava, it could finally be dated that this monument is at least two thousand years older than the pyramid of Keops.

The scandal exploded in 1947 when carbon-14 tests, always debatable, place it in a period before 6,500 years. Inside it were strange figures, men with scapers and helmets and an enigmatic bearded being. In its surroundings, there are large stones nailed vertically, similar to the menhirs of the Paleolithic, another aberration for the scientists who do not accept this rarity in American archeology.

Much more strange is its circular form, with almost 20 meters of height and a diameter of 125 meters, with a varied amount of ramps that allow its access to the highest part, which makes that the name of “pyramid” does not fit well , Since in reality its shape is conical. Cuicuilco became a paradox for which official science has no answer yet. It does not fit into any of the pages of American history, but there it is.

And as if that were not enough, the scientific world assists in silence to the total destruction of this archaeological space, which step by step, for dozens of years, has been annihilating with large buildings and shopping centers, such as the Autonomous University of Mexico, Built paradoxically on the ruins of this mysterious center that was totally covered by the eruption of the volcano Xitle, which according to experts, erupted in about 7000 BC.

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