San Pascualito Rey Temple

San Pascualito Rey is a saint of the people, of the humble, his origins are indigenous although among his followers there are people of all professions and social classes. San Pascualito (also known as San Pascualito Muerte and San Pascual Rey) is a popular saint related to San Pascual Baylón.

It is revered in Guatemala and the Mexican state of Chiapas in the form of a skeleton, perhaps wearing a cloak or a crown.

It is possible that the roots of the tradition of San Pascualito date from the pre-Columbian era, and that he represents a god of pre-Hispanic death. The Catholic Church does not recognize him as a saint and rejects his veneration.

The priests of the Roman Catholic Church for example, if you like the Calaquita Saint, they won’t baptize your children or marry you or give you the holy oils, and in the mass they divulge in full sermon that so-and-so is an ignorant heretic because they saw him dancing or eating beef soup at the feast of the holy skull in May.

San Pascualito has its formal temple in the heart of Tuxtla Gutierrez. It was founded by a confraternity of Zoque indigenous families, with a century and a half of antiquity. At the top of the main altar is a casket drawer on four wheels, inside it rests the wooden image of the Saint Father of Death in Chiapas.


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