Dream Messenger at El Saucito Cemetery

The elementary school teacher came to class with tears in her eyes. The children wondered what was wrong with her, for she did not look sad. Something like a smile on her lips. She could not keep the experience and decided to share it with her students. This is what she told them:

I had a dream, like so many strange or funny dreams, weird or frightening. One more dream, I thought at first. It was about a girl who spoke to me, and told me to go and visit my father, who was very lonely.

That did not make an impression on me, it was a dream, after all, I decided to go visit Dad, it was true that I did not clean his grave for a long time or put a bunch of flowers in it.

My father rests in the oldest cemetery in the city of San Luis Potosí: El Saucito Cemetery. His tomb is one of so many tombs that lie forgotten, so the next morning, I set out to visit Papa. I took care of his grave and talked to him for a while, I left him some flowers, a prayer, I said goodbye and headed for the exit.

When I walked on the Cemetery’s Main Avenue where the oldest and most beautiful tombs in the cemetery are, I was struck by one, quite recent, it was not a conventional tomb, and it seemed a bit out of place. As I approached, I did not resist the temptation to look through the small windows, this was a clean and tidy dollhouse at the door, vases of fresh flowers and two small trees stood guard.

In the interior, arranged with beauty, little angels of different shapes and styles, dolls and stuffed animals, and in the background … I felt that my feet lost the floor, in the background, in a photograph, was she, the girl I dreamed, and who had me delivered the message of my father …

After all, it had not been another dream. I could not suppress the tears, I do not know if I cried of sadness, remorse, joy or gratitude, I do not know, but I could not stop crying and smiling at the same time.

As I was able to return to my house, after looking carefully at the name of the little messenger, Poleth Viridiana, to tell everyone who wants to hear me, to tell them that our dead need us to remind them, to visit them and to pray for them, To tell them that I know because Poleth told me … “

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