CDMX’s Taxidermy Study

When you ring the bell and Salvador opens the door, the first thing you see is an adorable bull dog on one side of the doorway. Your reaction is to greet him, to stroke him, to let him smell you, is just when  you realize that the puppy does not move.

Once inside, you notice that you are not alone, there are other animals that do not move and fill the place: deer, cacomixtles, fish and even a giraffe and a zebra, among other dissected animals.

Salvador Medrano is a taxidermist and founded this workshop, he has taken courses in the United States to refine his knowledge and talents in the trade, for which it is necessary to know everything from chemistry and veterinary to painting and sculpture.

The pieces of Salvador are in private collections and in museums, as in the Natural History of Chapultepec. In addition to dissecting animals from scratch, it gives maintenance to the pieces that were left or someone got in a flea market. This taxidermy study is in North Sea 9, very close to metro Tacuba. If you require his services you can make an appointment.

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