The House of The Dogs

The house of dogs is one of the most mythical buildings in the capital of Jalisco. It was in this house that was founded one of the first printing presses and where the first independent newspaper of America was printed: El Despertador Americano.

At some point, after his journalistic period, the house passed to Jesús Flores. He was already an older man when he married Ana Gonzalez. After a trip across the Atlantic Ocean where they thought they would die, they agreed that when one of them died, he would pray nine rosaries every year for the couple.

In those days they had a young butler of the same age of Ana called José Cuervo and after the sudden, although not so unexpected, death of Jesus; Jose and Ana were married. However, they did not live in the house but lived in another. According to the legend, the house will be own to the one who can pray the nine rosaries at midnight. But it is not an easy task, because all who have tried have run away due to paranormal activity.

For a long time it was abandoned and its only guardians were the two statues of dogs in its facade, same that give the name to the house. Despite all the myths and legends surrounding the building, the government became its current owner. It is now the Museum of Journalism and Graphic Arts and is open to the public. The house of the dogs is completely restored and is far from the ruined house that gave rise to the legend.

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