Piedra Bolada Waterfall

The Piedra Bolada Waterfall, also known as Cascada de Piedra Volada or Cascada de Huajumar is the highest waterfall in Mexico, located in the state of Chihuahua, in the Sierra Madre Occidental, has a free fall of 453 meters.

There are myths and legends about this waterfall of difficult observation, which is appreciable only on certain days of the rainy season. The measurement of Piedra Bolada is made in 1995 by the Speleology Group of Ciudad Cuauhtémoc.


The name is also cause for confusion, since it is mistakenly called Piedra Volada (Stone in the air), when the real name of Bolada Stone refers to a spherical formation, Bolada is also the name of the nearest creek and human settlement.


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