Truco Street

A “truco” is a trap, a trick or a ruse… people who live on Truco street, in Guanajuato, Mexico, assure that the shadow of a man, —dressed in the colonial style, with a long coat, a wide-brimmed hat that reaches to the eyebrows, only to see two red-bright sparks like eyes on the pale and disjointed face—, this man is seen walking as a specter, that slides hurriedly along this street when the silence and the shadows of the night are complete.


It is the shadow of Don Ernesto, who stealthily stops in front of a door. He calls three times. There is a chirp from beyond the grave. The gentleman enters. It is a House of Game, to which only the richest go. It is played in large, first the bags full of gold, then the farms, then the haciendas. It’s a bad day for Don Ernesto. He has lost three or four of his best properties. He is as nervous as ever. The luck has turned its back on him and realizes that he has lost everything.

The gentleman is mute, without moving. He has played his beautiful wife. He is a man of his word and has to fulfill. This time his opponent was a demon, so Don Ernesto did not have a chance to win a single play.

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