Located in the heart of the Alta Sierra Tarahumara, 15 kilometers from Creel, Chihuahua, Mexico, the Valley of the Monks or Bisabírachi, is located. This is one of several examples of the behavior of force nature, who is always looking for a way to surprise the human eye with its unique gifts of creation.

This geographical area has as peculiarity the existence of strange rocky formations of ciliary origin with heart of sedimentary rock, that as a consequence of the constant fall of water and the extreme climate of the zone, forming so singular figures.

Its name derives precisely from its strange rock formations, reminiscent of the silhouette of standing monks. Being located in the vicinity of Tarahumara populations, it is not surprising that there are legends about the formation of stones.

It is said that the Valley of the Monks were carved by the original inhabitants 20 million years ago, when the stones were still malleable after the creation of the world.



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