Santo Niño Huachicolero Chapels

People engaged in illegal gasoline milking are known as huachicoleros, called so by huachicol – a term that was initially used to refer to adulterated diesel.

Since July 2016, the image of the Santo Niño Huachicolero, similar to the image of the Santo Niño de Atocha, began to circulate in social networks and in the municipalities belonging to the state of Puebla, which instead of bringing flowers, carries a gas tanks and a hose; basic tools of the huachicoleros to realize the robbery of fuels.


It is now known that the people of the Red Triangle entrust themselves to the Huachicolero Child and ask him to avoid their detention when they are milking clandestine shots, to avoid fires where they protect the fuel and protect their families. Likewise, according to residents of the area, in some houses in Palmar de Bravo, Puebla, have installed chapels to honor the image of the Child.






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