Don Juan Manuel’s House

Many years ago lived a very rich man in a house located in what is now Uruguay 94, in the CDMX Historic Downtown. This man was called Don Juan Manuel and was married to Dona Maria, a beautiful woman with many virtues. But the sadness of this man was marked by not having offspring. Dona Maria had deceived him with some man, caused him to beget the most terrible and unfounded jealousy, which dragged him to madness.

Don Juan Manuel Solorzano, sold his soul to the devil, so that he knew the person with whom his wife deceived him, the devil told him to leave at 11 at night and kill the first person who came by his house.

On the night after the crime, the demon appeared again to inform Don Juan Manuel that the individual murdered the day before was innocent; but if he wanted to find the person responsible, he would have to go out every night at the same hour and kill the first man he found near his home.

Once again installed in his mansion and poisoned by jealousy and hatred Don Juan obeyed without reply, went out every night,  before eleven o clock. Covered in a black cloak, he waited for the first guy to pass by and asked the time, “11 o’clock at night,” stabbing him while answering: “Blessed who knows Their Death Time.” Don Juan Manuel sentenced.

After committing several murders, the guilt invaded Don Juan Manuel (they say that he even killed one of his nephews, who was in the least indicated place at the wrong time) confessed to his local parish priest, who gave the penance to pray the rosary under the gallows at 12 at night, later that night, his body appeared hanging from the ceiling.

Be very careful, it is well known that Don Juan Manuel still watches out of his house at 11 pm. If you want to live a strong emotion, this is certainly your opportunity. Incidentally, there is a plaque in the place, which gives faith and legality of Don Juan Manuel as a historical character living previously on that House.

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