El Saucito Cemetery

El Saucito Cemetery preserves historical information and a valuable, tangible and intangible cultural heritage that must be respected and preserved, as considered by El Colegio de San Luis, in the Mexican city of San Luis Potosí.

The importance of the tours offered in Panteón El Saucito is to reassess the heritage that is preserved there.

Funerary Monuments are important historical documents of great value because they are dedicated to the people who died and contributed somehow in the evolution of the city.

In addition, they are testimony of what was thought about the death and reflect a whole time and some features of the society of those years.

The Saucito is the oldest cemetery that is in operation and was the first Panteón that was inaugurated of civil character.

It had no limitation to receive all the dead regardless of origin, creed or nationality.  The cemetery reflects the plurality of Potosinian society of the time.

Because of the very nature of the monuments, its materials, the iconography represented in the tombs, the epitaphs and its historical information preserved is a site of great importance and value in San Luis Potosí.

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