Tepito’s Santa Muerte Altar

In the year 2000, Enriqueta made public the image of the Santa Muerte when taking the figure, of approximately 1.70 centimeters of height, of its house to the street Alfarería where her altar is. It was a gift from her son and she has never left the niche.

Against those who accuse her of santera, sorcerer or witch, she has only positive desires: “I speak of faith and accuse me of heretic, witch … I only take care of the altar, I do not guide nor give money to the devotees. Nobody here is tricking to nobody “, assures with the annoying countenance.

For 49 years, she is a devotee of the “Flaquita”. His aunt introduced her to this devotion that was practiced at dawn, with certain periods of prayers and in secret.
The first of each month, hundreds of people are concentrated in Alfareria street. They come from different corners of the country to pray a rosary before the Sante Muerte effigy.

At six o’clock in the afternoon, the queue is endless.  Before ending the interview, the reporter asks if Santa Muerte is compatible with other devotions like San Judas Tadeo: “Santa Muerte is a ray of joy. First God, then the Virgin of Guadalupe, St. Jude and my White Girl” said Enriqueta.

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