Sabinas’ Place Where Edgar Fell Down

Like every Easter, Edgardo Marinez aka —Edgar “Ya Güey”—traveled with his parents to a town located near the Municipality of Sabinas, Nuevo León, where every year he met with his grandparents and cousins, who used him as an object of bullying, videotaped him and uploaded the video to the network.

“They saw that it was too much laughter that caused among all the cousins, who decided to upload it to the Internet.” The fall of Edgar was one of the first viral events that happened in Mexico 10 years ago and went famous around the world.

He had participation and was invited to interviews, television shows, videos, commercials, as he began to like a lot the television and that’s what he decided to study Communications. Until a few months ago the video recorded more than 80 million hits.

Edgar overcame the bullying and took advantage of the video. He assured that what happened to him, served him to know himself and to be a better person, as well as to choose the career that he is now studying.


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