Die Glocke Test Facility

In short, Die Glocke (The Bell) was a rumoured top secret pinnacle of the Nazi Wunderwaffe war effort. This terrifying object might have escaped the world’s notice were it not for an intrepid journalist called Igor Witkowski.

The Bell itself was given its moniker due entirely to the shape of the object. It was developed using a hard, heavy metal and stood approximately 4.6m and was 2.7m in diameter.

When in operation it was said to have a pair of counter-rotating cylinders that were filled with a violet coloured substance similar to mercury. This liquid was metallic and had the exotic name of Xerum 525. When not powering the Bell, it was stored in a metre tall thin thermos flask that was lined with lead.

Early testing of the Bell anti-gravity capabilities was said to have proved catastrophic. Strong radiation that emitted from the device supposedly led to the deaths of several Nazi scientists and animal test subjects.

The Bell was alleged to have been inside a facility known as Die Riese or The Giant close to the Czech border not far from the Wenceslaus mine. It is a concrete frame that may have been constructed specifically for testing the “anti-gravity” capabilities of the Bell machine. Others dismiss this outright and believe that it was a support for a long forgotten water tower.




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