Broken Christ Of The Island Shrine

The Broken Christ of the Island is one of the five largest sculptures in Mexico. It is located in the heart of the Presidente Calles Dam, in the municipality of San José de Gracia, Aguascalientes, in Mexico. It measures 25 meters and is mounted on a base of 3 meters giving a total of 28 meters in height.

The small town of San José de Gracia was founded in 1673, until a misterious image of a broken Christ arrived anonymously. As no muleteer appeared to be his owner, he was taken to the temple and immediately flowered the crops of the settlers who adopted him as the Patron Saint of San José de Gracias, Aguascalientes.

Its origin is mysterious, the most heard story is that a priest was looking for a Christ in an antique shop and found one that did not have a cross, his face was disfigured, he lacked a half leg and an entire arm.

He took it to his house and promised to repair it, but in the night a voice answered him not to do it because those broken members remembered the mutilated, sick and oppressed brothers. Currently, the shrine which shelters the giant image of 25 meters can only be reached by boat.

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