El Cielo Biosphere Reserve

For the most important religions in the history of mankind, heaven (El Cielo) has always maintained the mystique of being the place where souls aspire for their future path and becoming. In the sky are also the stars and the planets. likewise, one of the greatest goals of modern man has been the conquest of heaven and then of space.

It is with this symbolic nomenclature with which the natural reserve has been called in the state of Tamaulipas known as the Biosphere Reserve El Cielo, decreed in 1985 as a protected area, and later recognized by UNESCO in 87.

Located Between the municipalities of Gómez Farías, Lleva, Ocampo and Juamave, this reserve has two different ecosystem regions: the neotropical, which maintains flora and fauna and the neartic fauna, known for having megafauna in their lands.

It is this combination climates that propitiates that in El Cielo exist species in danger of extinction and endemic fauna. Among the main endemic animals that are in the reserve are specimens of jaguars, ocelots and hocophaisans. El Cielo is also known to be a temporary sanctuary for monarch butterflies on their important journey into central Canada.

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