Magus Ruiz Trial Proceedings at Archivo General de la Nación

Father Pedro Ruiz Calderón was a roué and blackguard, a black magician, alchemist, seducer of women, a braggart and a blasphemer who, yes, also happened to be a Catholic priest in New Spain (Mexico).

Pedro Ruiz Calderón was said to be as powerful as the ancient Mexica priests. He possessed the magical power of a sorcerer who came from lessons learned in Europe. According to the legends, he had the gift of ubiquity and could teleport from Spain to Mexico and vice versa.


He also had the ability to become invisible, possessed a supreme ability to seduce women and do with them what their lower instincts desired. He cast out devils and could find hidden treasures. According to many, he dominated black magic and was endowed with a spiritual force far above his fellow evangelizers.

During the Inquisition process, in 1540, new and supposed prodigies made by the Magus Ruiz came to light, as written in the records kept in the General Archive of the Nation (Archivo General de la Nación).

He ran afoul of the local Inquisition and was given a surprisingly light sentence from the local archbishop, Juan de Zumárraga. He was exiled back to Spain where he presumably continued teleporting, turning invisible, mesmerizing women and living the life of a mid-16th century alchemical charlatan who claimed to have descended to Hell and stolen the devil’s spellbooks.




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