Cruz de Cantera Square

Women who engage in sex-commerce on the so-called “bordo” , contributed in the construction of the small Gothic temple that is appreciated when you transit by the Malecón Del Río in the city of Leon, Mexico: Templo Cruz de Cantera. Although it is a temple with a very small interior space, its extraordinary since every detail, however small, seems to have been placed in a precise way.

In the interior we can see a very simple design both in its wooden benches and walls, but we can also appreciate glass lamps hanging from the top of the ceiling and stained glass windows which decorate both the interior as the outside of the temple.


The construction of a family square is now a real thing in the area of ​​Cruz de Cantera.

People asked  if the women who sell their love were going to be affected in their activities after the construction of the square, local authorities responded: “We do not think so, if it is the oldest work on this planet and has survived world wars, crises, changes of political parties, do not have to affect them.”

In the recently inaugurated Plaza Cruz de Cantera was placed a regulation of use in which it is prohibited “to disregard the good social customs with immoral acts or inadequate clothes”.


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