Kurukshetra is a region first named in the mythological epic myth Majabharata (3rd century BC). According to some Hindu texts, the boundaries of Kurukshetra would correspond approximately with those of the State of Hariana, India.

The war of Kurukshetra is an essential component of the Hindu epic text Majabhárata and therefore of the Bhagavad-Gita (which is a section of it).

The chapters related to the battle, from chapter six to ten, are considered among the oldest of the Majabhárata. The Bhagavad Guitá, the sacred text of Hindu philosophy included in it, is considered a later addition to the Majabhárata which recounts the conversation between Aryuna and Krishna.

Krishna counsels Aryuna with the idea of ​​dharma, that is, religious duty. It begins with the principle that the soul is eternal and immortal, any death on the battlefield would only mean the detachment of the body, but the soul is permanent.

In the 1940s, Thanesar was a dark village. Hinduists believed that the Majábharata war had happened in this area. However, no exact data of the place has been preserved. The state authorities decided to capitalize on the mythological importance of the area, and in 1973 a new district called Kurukshetra district was created, of which Thanesar is the head city.

It is believed that those who bath in the tanks in Kurukshetra go to heaven after death. Mahabharata states that one who dies at Kurukshetra attains salvation after death.

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