Gil Pérez’s Spot of Appearance

Gil Perez was the name of a Spanish soldier of the Philippine Civil Guard who was the protagonist of a historic and mysterious case of teleportation.

Nueva España’s Plaza Mayor, the cathedral atrium was Gil Pérez’s spot of appearance.

Supposedly the man appeared suddenly in the Plaza Mayor of Mexico City (more than 16,500 km from Manila, across the Pacific) on October 24, 1593.

Beam me up, scotty.

The soldier was doing his job protecting the governor’s palace in Manila. Last night Governor Gomez Perez das Mariñas was murdered by the Chinese in La Capitana. The soldier began to feel dizzy and exhausted; leaning against a wall and resting for a moment with his eyes closed. When he opened his eyes later, he found himself in a seemingly unfamiliar place: in Mexico City, far from Manila.

Some guards found him in the wrong uniform and began asking him questions about who he was. The news of the murder of the governor of the Philippines remained unknown to the people of Mexico City. The “teleported” soldier was reportedly wearing the uniform of the guards of the Manila Palace and knew, in some way, of the governor’s death.

The authorities put him in jail for deserter and on the charges of being a servant of the Devil. Months later, news of the governor’s death arrived in Mexico City through the passengers of a galleon from the Philippines.

One of these passengers recognized the prisoner and said he had seen him in the Philippines the day after the governor’s death. Finally, he was released by the authorities and allowed him to return home.

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