Ex-Hacienda El Palote

In 1644 Don Alonso Aguilar y Ventosillo, (yes, that was his last name) who was mayor of the Villa de León, approached the competent authority to request the grant of two ponds that had been discovered and that gave rise to two streams that were denominated Palote Creek.

As a result of this hydraulic development, the Hacienda del Palote was established, and after a while, it changed its owner, it was a place used for trading livestock and agriculture. It was  until 1863 that the property was donated to the parents of Saint Felipe Neri.

In the year 1900, Jesús Ramírez bought the hacienda, which according to the story was the last owner.

At the end of 1953 after several floods that had suffered the city of Leon, it was decided to construct a dam in this place, known as Presa del Palote which later became a Metropolitan Park.

The ruins of the Hacienda del Palote are now sunk under the dam of the Metropolitan Park of the city of León. It is possible to appreciate some constructions in some seasons of the year when the level of the water of the dam diminishes.


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