Aunt Toña’s House

Located in Barranca El Castillo, in the third section of the Forest of Chapultepec, very close to the Panteón de Dolores, in Mexico City, there is a house that was inhabited solely by Toña, a woman who to mitigate her loneliness decided to shelter homeless children. These disinterested actions made her very popular among neighbors.


There was also a rumor, Auntie Toña kept a considerable amount of money in her house, her husband’s inheritance at his death, and with which she could carry out her charitable works. Knowing this, some of the boys who lived with her made the decision to steal all the money and flee away. One night, when the others slept, these children stirred the drawers and furniture. Aunt Toña discovered them looking for the money; they worried of being handed over to the police, they began to strike Aunt Toña with different objects, causing her death.

The police never found the culprits and a deep sadness seized the inhabitants of the neighborhood. The house was abandoned and emptied, never was known if the money was really found or not. Another variant of the legend says that it was Aunt Toña who murdered the children and threw the bodies through the forest, and when she realized her crime, she locked herself in her room and committed suicide.

Strange phenomena began to occur inside and outside the house, such as the sighting of Doña Toña’s shadow through the windows of the house. If someone tried to rent or buy the property and visited it, there were rare noises inside, the doors would open and close without reason, and some objects would fall violently, so that potential buyers would leave.

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