Saint Expedito at Saint Bernardo Temple

In 1781, a box with an unidentified roman soldier figurine arrived to a convent of nuns in Paris. The sender of the box (from the same city) had written on the box “Spedito” (“express mail”), probably to expedite its shipment. The nuns assumed that the figurine belonged to “San Spedito” (Saint Expedito).

The nuns assumed that this “saint Spedito” would have been the martyr who appeared in the current Martyrology, prayed for his intercession, and when his prayers were quickly answered, the veneration of Saint Expedito spread throughout France.

Saint Expedito does not appear in any of the editions of the Roman Martyrology promulgated in 2001, which has the characteristic of being exhaustive -, in this particular case his name was removed from the Martyrology.

In 1906, Pope St. Pius X ordered that Expedito be removed from the martyrology and was not re-inscribed in the New Roman Martyrology, promulgated in 2001.

That’s why he can be considered kind of an “outlaw saint” or “anti-saint” or “no-saint” with thousands of devotees all around the world. He is also a controversial figure since his clothes in his statue represents several items related to war. In Mexico City, the place where Saint Expedito is established, is the San Bernardo Temple located in 20 de Noviembre street and Venustiano Carranza.



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